How to make a screenshot in Windows

Read time: 1 min

The most basic way is to press the PRT SCRN key on your keyboard, it should be on the very top row of your keyboard, right to the F12 key. You will not see any feedback when you press the button, but you are halfway there! The image is temporary stored in the clipboard, you just need to open an image viewer or editor and paste it there. Let’s open Paint and click on the Paste icon on top left (or press Ctrl+V) and the image will appear. The last step is to save it, go to File > Save and select a location.

To take a screenshot part of your screen, use the Windows built-in tool, called Snipping Tool. Search for it in the Start menu and launch it. From the Mode menu select Rectangular Snip, then click New. Your whole screen will get a transparent overlay and with your mouse you can select the area you want to take screenshot of. You can also set up a delay to screenshot pop-up menus and such. Don’t forget to save your image!

Microsoft has updated this tool and named it Snip & Sketch, with an extra feature to draw or write on the screenshot. Otherwise, it’s the same, use whichever you like.

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